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Save the Environment Ethiopia (SEE)

Save the Environment Ethiopia (SEE) is currently seeking applications from the eligible applicants for the post of Consulting Service in   Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.


  • Organization: Save the Environment Ethiopia (SEE)
  • Job Title: Consulting Service
  • Job Type:  Consultancy and Training
  • Job Location: Ethiopia

Job Description

Consulting service for Charcoal briquette production training, crushing machine application and maintenance training, and potential assessment on prosopisjuliflorra and other fuel options at Melkadida refugee camps.


Save the Environment Ethiopia (SEE) is a non-governmental non-profit organization operating in Ethiopia in the fields of environmental protection, alternative energy provision and livelihood enhancement. SEE is currently UNHCR implementing partner for energy implementations. SEE is operating in five operational refugee camps found in two Woreda administrations, Bokolmayo and Dollo Ado. SEE has so far achieved remarkable achievement in implementing various energy projects including Solar Grids and fuel-efficient technologies in Dollo-Ado refugee operation. Currently, SEE aims to diversify energy options for the refugees by considering energy sources from slaughterhouse biogas. Energy from the slaughterhouse has multifaceted benefits in terms of health, renewability and sustainability, environment etc.

Dollo Ado refugee camps are located at the South Eastern part of Ethiopia in the Somali Regional State, between Bokolmayo and Dollo Ado woreda. Dollo Ado itself is a small town in south-east Ethiopia, bordering north-east Kenya and north-west of South Somalia. It is located nearly 1000 km away from Ethiopia‘s capital city, Addis Ababa. The Dollo Ado refugee camps host approximately 213,786 refugees spread across five Camps and the cost community population amount of 198,742 individuals.

Firewood and charcoal are continuous to be the predominant source of energy for the approximately 157,000 refugees and unaccounted for host community HHs in Melkadida refugee operation. These energy sources account for 96% and 3% of the current HH consumption respectively, while the rest 1% is from solar and other sources. Moreover, the efforts to popularize the use of charcoal briquette and energy-saving stoves to mitigate the rate of deforestation while improving energy efficiency stands lowest compared to the overwhelming number of refugees being accommodated.

In order to address these problems and further enhance ties between refugees and local residents, the use of widely spread invasive prosopis tree for firewood was initiated as to become one of the alternative of cooking fuel in the refugee camps and hence Prosopis Juliflora firewood and charcoal briquettes productioncenters are established handled by legalized business cooperatives across the refugee camps. The prosopisJuliflora trees, which are invasive and have been designated as pests by the Ethiopian government, are abundant in the area, and the woody pieces of the plant can be collected and used to manufacture briquettes. (The briquettes release no smoke, unlike traditional charcoal or wood, and are less toxic and dangerous than kerosene.).

Save the Environment Ethiopia is currently looking a professional company which will provide training on charcoal briquette production and quality improvement, existing crashing machine maintenance for charcoal briquette cooperatives and undertake potential assessment on prosopis sustainability for cooking fuel as well as suitable strategies to access cooking fuel at Melkadida refugee operation for both host and refugee communities.

General and Specific Objectives; –

General Objectives; –

The company will provide training on charcoal briquette production, existing crashing machine maintenance for charcoal briquette cooperatives and undertake potential assessment on prosopis sustainability for cooking fuel as well as suitable strategies to access cooking fuel at Melkadida refugee operation for both host and refugee communities.

Specific objectives; –

  • To conduct efficient charcoal briquette production training for two cooperatives
  •  To provide practical training on briquettes production using raw materials like khat, prosopis and other wastes.
  • To develop and prepare charcoal briquette production manuals,safety rule and precautions while carbonizing and producing the charcoal briquette
  • To maintain and solve the existing crashing machine problems, providing technical training during maintenance time on operation and usage of the machine to the cooperatives.
  • Conduct assessment/study on the potential sustainability of Prosopisjuliforaand study on business management ofprosopisjulifora including its strategy and modality

  You can get the full detail of ToR from the link below

SEE charcoal briquete TOR.docx

Job Requirements

Requirements and application procedures: –

Requirements; –

  • The interested companies/firms should submit their technical and financial proposals accordingly Via the below listed addresses
  • Importantly, the capable companies/firms should submit their credentials (license, VAT, TIN certificates etc…), supporting documents from past experiences with similar projects,qualification of technical personal, and Certificate of ownership of supporting equipment’s.

How to Apply

The interested companies/firms should submit both technical and financial documents to SEE offices in person; -SEE jigjig a HQ, Addis-Ababa Licence office, and SEE Melkadida sub-office./ the following email addresses;- /

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