Emergency Response Manager

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Job Description


Plan International is a rights-based development and humanitarian organization working for better lives for all children. We are independent of government and have no political or religious affiliation. Our purpose is to strive for a just world that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We have been building powerful partnerships for children for more than 80 years, and are now active in more than 70 countries.

Our global strategy has a specific focus on girls, as they are often the most marginalized and most often left behind. We have committed ourselves to the ambitious target of reaching 100 million girls over 5 years, to ensure they can learn, lead, decide and thrive. This is our contribution to reaching the sustainable development goals, and in particular the goals on gender equality. Our organization is transforming itself to meet this enormous challenge everywhere we work. We need bold, forward-thinking and innovative individuals to lead our country operations, driving change and delivering results that will allow us to reach our target of 100 million girls.

In Ethiopia, Plan has more than 25 years of experience in implementing its programme. Currently PIE mainly operates in seven geographical areas; Amhara, Oromia, SNNPR, Gambella, Benishangul Gumuz, Afar, and Addis Ababa City Administration on different projects funded by different donors including sponsorship.

Plan International Ethiopia’s main purpose is to seek Gender Justice for Girls, Adolescent Girls, and Young Women. We aim to help create an enabling environment where girls, adolescent girls, and young women are safe, valued, equally cared for, and have equal opportunities. PIE will contribute to the global strategy by aiming to reach directly 2.1 million Girls, Adolescent Girls and Young Women over the period of the strategy 2020-2024 and to reach an additional 6.3 million beneficiaries through its interventions.

Emergency Response Manager will be responsible to support the implementationand realization of PIE’s strategy in the respective regions through theirstrategic leadership, coordination and versatile representation with the regional government, multi-laterals and stakeholders at the regional level. S/he will lead the contextualization and operationalization of the strategy through the developing area level strategy, in addition, the ERM will analysis the political context and monitor the humanitarian situationin the region and support the development of the response strategy in line with thenational strategy and PIE programme strategic framework.

The position holder will be responsible to lead and manage the emergency and resilience program by strategizing and positioning Plan Ethiopia to respond to emergencies and disasters in areas of operation and new areas when necessary. And by overseeing and supervising program development, planning, implementation, monitoring resource mobilization, networking, coordinating, documenting, dissemination; advocating and also responsible for the quality and effectiveness of Plan’s emergency response within his/her designated area of responsibility.

Emergency Response Manager (ERM) – will ensure the strategic position and representation of PIE in all humanitarian platform at the regional level and able to respond for any crisis in the respective region (refugee, migration or Disaster and resilience and new area when necessary.

The post holder will strengthening and promoting effective communication between CO and program area offices on all operational support deemed necessary for efficient project delivery/implementation and  liaising Plan with Regional state Bureaus and sector offices, UNHCR, ARRA & other stakeholder to establish a good working relationship and influence decision makers.

S/he will directly manage the programme staffs – thematic leads/coordinator/managers, Program Operation Manager and all the support function includes finance, logistic& Admin and HR in the respective program area.

management scope, reporting lines, key relationships

Reports to: Ethiopia, Humanitarian Programme Director

Direct reports – All Programme/thematic Specialist/Managers/Coordinator, Program Operation manager, Emergency Finance Coordinator, Emergency logisticCoordinator, HR

Key Relationships

·         Internal Relations: Humanitarian Program Department, Disaster Preparedness, Response & resilience Unit within the Humanitarian & Resilience Dept, Finance Department, Business development Department, Program operations Department, Program quality Department, Human resources Department, Logistics and administration Department, Filed staff or program area and project: External Relations (Outside Plan International)UN agencies – UNHCR, UNICEF, Working group representatives and Refugee Task Force, Government mainly Agency of Refugee and Returnees Affairs, NDRMC, and Partners

Level of contact with children

·         Medium contact:  Occasional interaction with children

Physical Environment

·         May be “typical office environment”, note if heavy lifting, climbing, excess travel etc.

·         Willingness to travel extensively up to 40% of her/his time.

Accountabilities and MAIN WORK ACTIVITIES

Overall Leadership and Programme management – (25%)

·         Lead and ensure all programme are level team members are fully briefed on all aspects of security in collaboration with the security coordinator, social and cultural norms and local conditions and behaviour while implementing the emergency response.

·         Lead PIE’s emergency response team and be responsible for the quality and effectiveness of Plan’s emergency response and be accountable for developing, planning, implementation, coordinating and managing emergency activities.

·         Maintain constructive working relationships, with other NGO’s, UN agencies, host government and other stakeholder at regional and Zonal level.

·         Take active role in representing plan in regional level cluster coordination and humanitarian forums.

·         Recommend changes to team composition and functioning of the program area level based on the nature of the project and response to ensure the programme quality and effectiveness.

·         Create the conditions to ensure effective teamwork and morale through team building exercises and practices.

·         Conduct performance appraisals of emergency response team staff as required and ensure regular feedback and mentoring of individual performances.

·         Ensure that Humanitarian Director, Heads of refugee & migration and DPRR and the Country Management Team are kept informed about assessment progress, emergency response implementation and strategies, project plans, progress reports, budget and other significant developments.

·         Promote a productive work environment respectful of the Code of Conduct with zero tolerance for verbal and physical abuse or discrimination against children and other persons on the grounds of race, colour, sex or creed.

·         Design and operationalize all emergency response programs as per International Humanitarian Principles.

·         Represent and build the profile of Plan Ethiopia on emergency work and maintain adequate accountability and transparency in our work,

Assessment, design response strategies, Planning & IMPLEMENTATION (20%)

·         Lead the analysis of the socio-demographic, geo-political mainly the status of girls, adolescent girls and young women in the region and inform the program strategy and/or contextualize the country strategy with the regional context.

·         Maintain the close monitoring of the humanitarian situation and vulnerability of girls, adolescent girls and young women and support the development of response strategy.

·         Support the situational assessment, design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation refugee and migration projects.

·         Develop all project implementation plans and budgets within the framework of the agreed emergency response programme and strategy, integrated emergency response plan, implementation and suggest for the development of phase-in and phase out strategy.

·         Ensure adequate monitoring, reporting and acquittal of emergency response activities in accordance with Plan’s humanitarian accountability framework, relevant SPHERE standards, and essential environmental mitigation measures.

·         Ensure that the different sectoral and sub-sectoral activities are implemented in a coordinated and integrated manner with relevant stakeholders and counterparts.

Representation, Networking and communication (20%)

·         Represent and build the profile of Plan Ethiopia on emergency work and maintain adequate accountability and transparency in our work,

·         Take active role in representing plan in cluster coordination and humanitarian forums at regional level and

·         Maintain constructive working relationships with other NGO’s, UN agencies, host government, bilateral and multilateral donors, and other principle stakeholders including the UN agencies.

·         Inform humanitarian director, head of refugee & Migration, Head of Disaster preparedness, response and resilience and other department at CO about assessment progress, emergency response implementation and strategies, project plans, progress reports, budget and other significant developments.

·         Support the humanitarian director, head of departments & units and head of communications& influencing to ensure positive coverage and the timely provision of situation reports, information, publicity and fundraising material recognizes & respects the dignity of victims of children and their families.

·         Ensure effective communication & information sharing about the humanitarian situation and its impact from the regional perspectives, project impacts and best practices from the response for demonstration and influencing purpose at the community and regional level, furthermore share to the CO for the broader communication and national level engagement.

Human resources MANAGEMENT TEAM Development (20%)

·         Lead emergency response team based at program area level  and be responsible for the quality and effectiveness of Plan’s emergency response and be accountable for developing, planning, implementation, coordinating and managing emergency activities.

·         Promote a productive work environment respectful of the Code of Conduct with zero tolerance for verbal and physical abuse or discrimination against children and other persons on the grounds of race, color, sex or creedEnsure existing human resources needs are fully assessed, identified, described and communicated, in collaboration with the field and Country Office HR Officers.

·         Ensure all team members are fully briefed on all aspects of security, social and cultural norms and local conditions and behaviour.

·         Create the conditions to ensure effective teamwork and morale is strictly observed

·         Conduct periodic performance appraisals of team members and provide timely feedback

·         Identify training needs and work with HR department to develop and implement relevant training plans.

·         Ensure compliance with all Ethiopian government legal, contractual, labour and statutory requirements.

·         Communicate effectively on usage, procedures and relevant communications protocols to all emergency response team

Financial Responsibility – (15%)

·         The post holder will manage the an average of 5 million euro worth projects per annual and the size of the fund and programme size will depend on the refugee influx and migration in the country.

·         Ensure timely implementation of grants and budgets. The creation of POs and closing of grants in SAP is done expeditiously.

·         Ensure that all grants have opening/launch and closeout workshops/meetings.

·         Ensure that all project expenditures are on time and according to the budget (within permissible variance limits) and to oversee and guide any budget reforecasting and reallocation exercises that are required

·         Financial delegation of Euro 100,000.

Safeguarding Children and Young People (Safeguarding) and Gender Equality and Inclusion (GEI)

·         Understand and put into practice the responsibilities under Safeguarding and GEI policies and Plan International’s Code of Conduct (CoC).

·         Ensure that Plan International’s global policies for Safeguarding Children and Young People and Gender Equality and Inclusion are fully embedded in day to day work.

·         Ensure that Plan Ethiopia contributes to Plan International’s global efforts to ensure safeguarding and GEI, including making sure that relevant reporting and data are submitted.

Leadership and BUSINESS management COMPETENCIES

·         LEADERSHIP COMPETENCIESCourageous in taking a lead, focused on Plan International’s purpose and making the most effective contribution within my own work context.

·         Behave in line with our values and safeguarding practices, inside and outside work.

·         Challenge own attitudes, unconscious bias and behavior and speaks up when they see wrong doing, especially by those who use their power over others to create fear or abuse.

·         Understand and adhere to the policies, processes, practices and standards relevant to own work and keeps their knowledge and skills up to date.

·         Honest and efficient in use of resources, including own time.

·         Take responsibility for own performance and development: reflecting; seeking and listening to feedback; learning from mistakes; finding people or resources to help them learn.

·         Constructive and optimistic in facing setbacks, challenges and change, using own initiative to analyze issues and improve things.

·         Good team player, communicating effectively and being open and supportive towards those around them.


·         Understanding relevant sectoral context including how the sector operates in terms of funding and governance and awareness of Plan’s purpose, values, and global strategy

·         Managing legal and reputational risk including risk assessment, communication, risk management and reporting in full compliance with risk-related standards, including in areas such as Child and Youth Safeguarding and Protection, Gender equality and inclusion, Counter Fraud, Safety and Security

·         Managing activities and resources including skills in strategic thinking, planning and organising, financial planning and monitoring, negotiation and programme and project management

·         Managing people and information including skills in assessment and coaching, evidence-based management, communication skills, both speaking and writing, and digital working, including personal digital skills

Job Requirements

Technical expertise, skills and knowledge



· Master degree in Disaster Risk Management, humanitarian Studies, development studies, development economics, agricultural economics, sociology, human rights, political science, international development,

· At least 10 years of progressive experience in similar organizations at senior management level with responsibilities including line management of senior staff.   Most preferably experience in managing refugee and migration response.


·  At least 10 years of progressive experience in humanitarian and development sector preferable in the similar organizations working in a very protracted and complex humanitarian setup and preferable have experience on leading refugee and migration responses.

·  Proven experience in managing big teams and understand the functional relationship with other partners.

·  Proven experiences and ability to coordinate and collaborate with different organizations including the government and demonstrable working experience in development programme

Languages required

·  English and other national languages

How to Apply

The closing date for the application is December 17, 2020. Qualified candidates should submit their application with the below link.


This position is only open to Ethiopian Nationals, who must be eligible to live and work in Ethiopia.

Please note that:

·         Applications and CVs written in English will be accepted and

·         Shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

·         Please note that we are not accepting CVs that are not sent through the indicated link.

Early application is encouraged as we will review applications throughout the advertising period and reserve the right to close the advert early.

More information about Plan International can be found on http:// plan-international.org

References will be taken and background and anti-terrorism checks will be carried out in conformity with Plans Child Protection Policy. Plan operates an equal opportunities policy and actively encourages diversity, welcoming applications from all persons meeting the skills and experience required.

As an international child centered community development organisation, Plan International is fully committed to promoting the realization of children’s rights including their right to protection from violence and abuse. That means we have particular responsibilities to children that we come into contact with.

Plan International believes that in a world where children face so many threats of harm, it is our duty to ensure that we, as an organisation, do everything we can to keep children safe. We must not contribute in any way to harming or placing children at risk. Female applicants are highly encouraged to apply.