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Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications

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Make Sure You Fit All Requirements

Before you even bother applying for a particular scholarship, make sure you fit all of the requirements for it, not just half or nine out of 10. It doesn’t matter how impressive your essay or your background is, you’ll most likely be disqualified, which means you wasted your time on the application.Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/rawpixel/Pixabay

Apply Early

Start filling out scholarship applications as soon as you can. The more you send in, the more likely you are to win money. And the earlier you start, the more time you have. You’re also less likely to encounter problems, like an Internet outage, if you don’t wait until the last minute.Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/wokandapix/Pixabay

Choose Different Categories

Don’t assume because you make good grades you should only apply for academic scholarships. If you play a sport too, try for an athletic scholarship. If you have a special interest or belong to a certain club, apply for scholarships relating to those. Don’t limit yourself.Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/Pexels/Pixabay

Make Yourself a Schedule

Put yourself on a schedule so you aren’t waiting until the last minute to apply. Maybe once a week you can take an hour or two and search for scholarships, fill out applications and write essays. Make sure you include any specific deadlines in your schedule so you work on the ones due soonest first.

Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/AlexBor/Pixabay

Don’t Introduce Yourself

When writing an essay or a short paragraph for your scholarship, don’t waste time introducing yourself. Get right to the point. Not only is your name already on your application, but some organizations like to read the essay blindly without any sort of identifying factors so they’ll only focus on merit when judging.Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/maura24/Pixabay

Don’t Go Over the Word Limit on Essays

If the essay or any other part of your application has a word limit, try to stick to it as closely as possible. If it’s too long, the scholarship judges may not even read it. It might also show that you don’t follow directions.Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/sasint/Pixabay

Don’t Quote Famous People

One last tip for writing the essay part: Don’t quote famous people. It might seem like a good idea to add a beloved or inspiring saying, but the scholarship committee wants to get to know you, not someone who lived centuries ago.Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/Taken/Pixabay

Add a Letter of Recommendation

While you don’t want to go overboard with your essay or add unnecessary items, you can include a letter of recommendation from a teacher, boss, tutor, mentor, principal or any other person you’ve worked with in the past. Give the person time to write a good letter. Then, you can make copies and stick one in each scholarship application.Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/thelester/Pixabay

Avoid Scams

If you’re reading the application and it promises something that’s too good to be true, it probably is. Maybe it guarantees cash or is vague on the details of which organization is offering the scholarship. Maybe it asks for too much personal information or a hefty fee. Toss that application into the garbage.Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/TeroVesalainen/Pixabay

Proofread Everything

Last but not least, proofread everything — even your name at the top of the page. Have someone else read it over. Read your essay out loud to make sure it sounds good. Look for typos, misspellings, bad grammar or instances where you misunderstood the directions. Show just how responsible you are and how much you deserve to win that tuition money.Best 10 Tips for Scholarships Applications, Jobs in BoardCC0/nastya_gepp/Pixabay

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